Tuesday, May 03, 2005

From RA With Love...

Some time ago, I bought a couple of packs of "The Complete Star Trek The Animated Series" (by Rittenhouse Archives) from my local comic ship and, sitting in the nearby Burger King, I opened them up to find an 'Instant Win' card that could be redeemed for an original Star Trek SeriCel (a SeriCel is a limited edition screenprinted acetate panel using images from the show - don't worry, I didn't know either and had to ask for that explanation!)
I sent the card off, having checked with the people at RA that they would send out to the UK, and I waited.
And Waited.
And Waited.
And realisd that it had been lost in transit. Rats!
I contacted RA and they kindly offered to send a replacement SeriCel. Which they did.
I waited.
And Waited.
And Waited.
And realised that this one had gone walkies as well.
At this point (late 2004) I resigned my self to the fact that my SeriCel had gone the way of my Dart "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Melissa Joan Hart autograph redemption card - into thin air. I assured RA that it wasn't their fault, that Iheld no grudge against them and that I was grateful for all their efforts.

Scroll forward to last week. I get a card in my letterbox advising me that there was a package to be collected from my local post office. I wasn't expecting anything, though I often enter competitions, so perhaps it was an unexpected prize.
I duly go, after work, to collect my package and when I see the return address label bearing the Rittenhouse Archive logo, Irealise what has happened - they tried again and this time, they succeeded!
I got it home and found not one SeriCel but Two different SeriCels! There were two different ones on offer in the mail in contest and RA had sent me both, and voided cards to replace the one I sent in andwhich they had returned with the original lost SeriCel!
You'll never hear me complain about RA... Oh, and if the person who 'lost' the original SeriCel is reading this (unlikely, but you never know!), please do the decent thing and return it to RA - the address will have been on the packaging... And if my Melissa Joan Hart autograph is out there somewhere, please come home - I miss you!