Saturday, October 23, 2010

That difficult Second Season...

UK CardCast has been quiet of late - this is because of circumstances out of my control (i.e. I was laid off work) and I had to investigate all the possibilities (i.e. find another job and make sure the mortgage was covered) before moving on wit hthe podcast.

Now, however, there is some good news (i.e. I have another job!) and so planning has started for what I am going to call the Second Series/Season of UK CardCast - beginning with what would have been the 'lost' Episode 31, featuring Harris Toser and Don Norton talking about the recent (at time of recording) Chicagoland show.

Plus, there is the NEW show to work on - namely "Behind The Canvas", the show that will concentrate on artists and their work.  I had a few interviewees lined up before the enforced hiatus and pretty much all of them have agreed to pick up where we left off!  I'll be recording the shows shortly and releasing them over the next few months, alternating with the regular UK CardCast episodes.

I've had a lot of messages of support, on eMail, on message boards such as NSU's Card Talk and Scoundrel, as well as on Twitter, and I am extremely grateful for all the offers of help and support!  It made me realise that I have more people out there who are vaguely interested in my stuff than I at first thought and I am touched!

So, let Season 2 commence (soon!)