Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Three posts in a row!

I neglect the blog for months, then three posts in a row! Ho Hum!
I'm in a couple of card Secret Santas this year - one on NSU's Card Talk board, and one on the Scoundrel board. The latter turned up at the weekend, and it is a really rather nice pair of Star Trek sketches by artist unknown (update: The artist is, in fact, Nathan 'SadLittle' Ohlendorf!):

Whoever the artist/Secret Santa donor is, Thank you! I'm most decidedly chuffed!

Economic Downturn? Bargain Central!

I've been picking up some amazing (for me at least!) bargains recently as far as cards are concerned. At Memorabilia I picked up some boxes for £1 each, and a Julian Glover autograph from one of the Topps Indiana Jones sets and a Grant Gould sketch of Irina for, respectively, £2.99 and £1.99.
This week, some eBay bargains arrived, including one of the two Thunderbirds The Movie autographs I was missing (Rose Keegan, aka "Transom") for which I paid a couple of quid - I now only need one more autograph, two of the more difficult promos and the Woolworths/The Sun redemption set to make as close to a master as I'll ever get!
Bad time to be a collector? I don't know. As is mentioned in the latest episode of the podcast (#14), there were plenty of bargains to be had on comparatively recent stock at the Memorabilia show; how much of this is due to dealers feeling the pinch and how much is just a lot of stock clearing I don't know, but whatever the reason is, I'll take advantage whilst I still have a (very) small amount of disposable income to spend!

Birmingham: The Return...

Episode 14 of the podcast is now online; entitled "Birmingham: The Return...", it looks back at the Memorabilia show and features Harris Toser and myself, with contributions from various artists, ealers and other attendees at the show.