Monday, November 23, 2015

Shows, Shows, Shows

It's been a while!  I've been on Facebook more than on here, but I'm back now and (hopefully) posting more.
Last weekend was the MCM ComicCon (aka The Show Formerly Known as Memorabilia Birmingham) and I picked up a few new additions to my card collection, including some new sketches by an artist new to me, Mike Hannan.

This beauty by B Jones from one of Cult Stuff's Mystery Packs:

 and this Hattie Hayridge autograph, also from one of the Cult Stuff Mystery Packs:

I skipped most of the celebrity signings, but I did make a beeline for Simon Fisher-Becker, who was signing copies of his memoirs "My Dalek Has a Puncture"; Fisher-Becker is, perhaps, best knows as Dorium Maldovar, the Blue skinned wheeler-deeler who comes to a sticky end during the Eleventh Doctor's arc, but (partially) comes back and is a key plot point later in series 6!
(Yes, I DO appear to be wearing a tweedy jacket, a blue bow tie (which is cool) and braces.  Just imagine an older looking, less gangly, thinning on top, grey bearded, bespectacled Matt Smith...)

The show was busy for a Sunday, but there was a higher concentration of Manga/Anime and cosplayer related stands and fewer old-school collectibles - the aforementioned Cult Stuff, Paul Hart, Non-Sport Update, Matt Dixon, Carolyn Edwards and Anthony Lee (among others) representing the old school.
Thre was a larger than usual Artist Alley this time - every show it seems to grow, and there was quite a cluster of people there, so presumably it's doing OK for the artists.
The least said about the train journey back the better - it didn't quite spoll the weekend, but it did close it on a down note...