Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Some days have all the luck...

It's been quiet on the acquisition front, mainly because I'm saving up for the big Memorabilia show at the Birmingham NEC at the end of November. That said, I have picked up a couple of packs recently, and managed to get lucky.
My local store, which has always been a good place for me to test out my 'lucky hand' had a box of Inkworks "Angel Season 5" in the counter, so I picked, at random, a couple of packs, paid for them, and left the store to open them (as I usually do). Lo and behold, the first pack I opened had an Autograph card, signed by Mercedes McNab (who played 'Harmony' in both Buffy and Angel). "Nice pull" I thought to myself as I opened the other pack - only to find a 'Pieceworks' card containing a piece of shirt worn by Amy Acker (as "Fred")...
This store is like that - which is why I will always trust single packs bought there. I have had so many great pack pulls from just one of two pack purchases there - including my Shatner/Nimoy dual autograph (from Rittenhouse Archives' "TOS 35th Anniversary" set), a couple of nice LOTR cards and (though the following was bought by my sister, it was at the same time as the aforementioned dual autograph!) one of the scarcest Xena costume cards from Season 6, amongst MANY others.

Support your local store and, if you get lucky, support them even more!

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