Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Show

I had great fun on Sunday - courtesy of the Daily Star (and it's not often that I can say that!)
The tabloid had a token collect thing a couple of weeks ago - collect two tokens, stick them to a coupon printed in the paper and you got free entry to Star Wars Celebration Europe at the London ExCel, Docklands (which took place last weekend) I don't usually get the Daily Star, but a friend on NSU Card Talk, John the Hat, had a spare and he very kindly sent it to me.
There is a full report on what I saw at the show, with pictures, on the NSU Card Talk board and I'll also be covering it in the next episode of the UK CardCast podcast (including a couple of card related interviews!) which should be online by the end of this week, but to summarise - Wow!
Great show, and I seriously hope this is used by other show organisers as the model for how shows SHOULD be...

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