Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Podcast episode, same old croaky voice...

The new episode, 06, of UK CardCast is now online and available from iTunes, other podcast directories etc. It was recorded at the Winter Memorabilia 2007 at the NEC Birmingham and features interviews with a number of dealers, collectors and celebrities - it also shows how quickly a voice can disappear when one tries to interview people whilst sinking deeper and deeper into a rather sudden cold...

I haven't repeated the experiment with 'Enhanced for iTunes' that I tried with Episode 05 - the enhancements was just adding a couple of pictures that should have popped up at certain, relevant, points during the episode, but not everyone could actually see the pictures.
So, if anyone wants to see my pictures from the show (and those of others, including Harris Toser) pop along to the Non-Sport Update Magazine website, click on the "Card Talk" link and look in the 'Shows and Conventions' section.
Next episode hopefully just before Christmas - if I get the something special I have planed written up in time!

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