Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Month, Another Episode

Episode 16 of my non-sport podcast, UK CardCast, went online at the weekend and features the usual chat with Harris Toser of NSU magazine, a conversation with Nathan Ohlendorf (aka SadLittle) about his "Legend and Lore" set (more details here: and some interviews recorded by Harris at the New York Comic Con last month - interviewees include Dennis Budd, Brian Kong, Uko Smith and Nar!

I'm planning for the next episode, which will be my contrubution to NSU's "Open That Box Day" - I'm going to record myself opening a box "live" and attempt to edit and upload the recording on the same day, April 4th - this will be some feat as it usually takes a week or more for me to edit the various interviews and links for a regular episode!
More info, by the way, about "Open That Box" day here

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