Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hats, Prizes, for the drawing of...

UK CardCast (the podcast) has been helping out with Nik Neocleous' "Cosmic Eye" prize draw - Nik has had an art book published and, for a limited number availble directly from his website, he was offering a prize draw ticket. Well, the draw was held on August 1st and included in a special episode of the podcast - look to your right and you should see it in the RSS feed!

The next regular episode, #20, is being recorded this weekend for uploading sometime next week - it will be our annual San Diego special with NSU's Harris Toser reporting on the show.

Thanks to Harris, there are plans for another episode (which may tie-in to a thing NSU is doing) later in the year - watch this space... and I haven't forgotten about the Artist special I was planning - I'm still planning it, so bear with me!

In other news, has started to take pre-orders for the "Legends & Lore" set, which will start shipping on August 20th - some of the artwork from the set can be found on regular podcast contributor Kris Kersey's website

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