Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fun with Harris and Joanna...

Last Sunday, I recorded the main part of the next episode (due to be uploaded later this week) with regular guest Harris Toser and Special Guest Joanna Kohlbus - ostensibly to talk about the past year, but mostly because I haven't spoken to Joanna before (though we have exchanged many emails and letters).
I can't speak for the other participants (though it is notable that neither of them flamed me with hate email afterwards - a good sign!) but I had great fun chatting with both Harris and Joanna and we got a good deal of gossip as well as some interesting and thoughtful comments which may well set up some future themed episodes!
Unfortunately, Joanna had to leave halfway through the recording, but I'm looking to get her on the show again soon!

It's STILL not too late to vote in the "Best of 2007" poll - there is an email link on the front page of the CardCast website, where you will also find a link to Rebecca Toser's "Nothing But Nets" charity campaign!

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