Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Best Bargain Ever!

A couple of weeks ago, my local card/comic store relocated to smaller premises and had a clearence sale on all the stuff they physically couldn't fit in at the new location.
I somewhat cheekily made a joke offer of £1 for a box of Thunderbirds The Movie cards complete with binder - it wasn't accepted, but I was told that an offer of £5 would be accepted - I leapt at the opportunity and shortly thereafter was opening the box in my living room.
For a fiver I got redemption cards for the Sir Ben Kingsley autograph, the Brains Check Shirt costume cards - I also got a couple of base sets and a really nice colour sketch of TB2 by Graham Bleathman.
Now, the set came out nearly 4 years ago, and as I only paid £5 I really wasn't expecting to redeem the autograph and costume cards - but, to give the highest credit to Cards Inc. and The Collector Zone, last week the two cards came back, complete with the redemption cards, the latter hole punched to show they had already been redeemed!
Bear in mind I also got the official binder, so I just need a couple of the "Pretty in Pink" chase cards (2 and 4, if you're interested!) and I'll have a mini-master set (i.e all the base and chase except the autos, sketches and costumes - and I'm working on them as and when I find cheap examples of the cards/artists I don't have)

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