Thursday, March 13, 2008

Enterprising Bargains

It seems to be my year for finding bargain boxes - my local show still had some stock left over from their recent relocation clearance sale and I manged to get one box each of Enterprise Season one and four for £10 each.
Before opening the boxes, I said to myself how good it would be to pull one of the main cast, such as Dominic Keating or one of the big name guest stars, such as, perhaps, Brent Spiner. I didn't rule it out, but my luck in pack pulls hasn't been THAT good of late.
I'm sure you can guess the rest. First autograph pulled from the Season four box - Brent Spiner. First autograph pulled from the Season one box - Dominic Keating.
Life doesn't get much better (for me at least, as far as cards are concerned!)

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