Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The new episode of UK CardCast is out, and it's a biggie! So long, in fact, that I've split it up into two parts.
The theme is sketch artists, and in it I have three extended interviews with Patrick Hamill, Kate Bradley and Dave Fox, and six shorter interviews conducted by Harris "The Star Of The Show" Toser at the recent New York ComicCon - listen out for a cameo appearence by John Czop!

It was fun recording the interviews, but a long episode requires a lot of editing, so rest assured that I won't be doing these every month!

In other news, I attended the Collectormania show in Milton Keynes at the weekend (thanks to Dave Brown, also, coincidentally, interviewed in the latest episode). I picked up a number of promos I needed, including the one I was missing from the Austin Powers set. This was the Collectormania that had John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Kai Owen from Torchwood (amongst many others) - the queues were terrific... I wasn't in any of the queues - I'm hoping some enterprising card manufacturer brings out a set of Torchwood trading cards with cast autographs...!

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