Monday, January 18, 2010


Happy New Year All!
For some reason, I didn't post about the most recent episode of the podcast, Episode 23, which IS now online (along with a 'Christmas Gift' of an unedited recording of the NSU Card Talk Gathering at the Memorabilia show last November.

I've taken a break from trading card activities (including the podcast) for the last month or so and this break will continue probably until next month, when I might have someone to interview for a new episode!

In the meantime, I received some really nice cards from friends for Christmas:
This one, by artist Sanna U, from CSI Dave:

And these, by artist Chris Henderson, from a very generous 'Secret Santa' on the Scoundrel artist board:

And two others, which you can find on my website!

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Anonymous said...

Nice PSCs!