Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another new sketch - plus another new episode!

I ended the break from podcast producing last month and you can find the results of this in UK CardCast Episode 24 - I had great fun chatting to The Sucklord and Tom Lichtman about the Suckadelic Action Art Card Series 1 cards they released at the end of 2009.  There is an illustrated review on the UK CardCast Review Page (a new addition to the website, to which I hope to add more reviews (hint hint!))

Today (well, given the time I'm writing this, yesterday) I attended to some housekeeping on my homepage ( in case you were wondering) and posted some scans of cards recently added to the collection, including one new addition to The Spalko Gallery:
The card is a PSC drawn by Kate RED Bradley (who has appeared on the podcast on numerous occasions!) and which was specially commissioned by a friend as a Christmas present - which was given to me on Saturday, this being the first time I've had the opportunity to meet up since last year!

You might notice, by the way, that I have added an Amazon doohickey over there on the right - if you use it and buy something, I get a small top-up on my Amazon Associates account, which helps to keep me in books, CD's and DVD's!  It points to - if I find a UK version, I'll set that up too! (I'm nothing if not mercenary in fuelling my habits...)

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